Monday, January 16, 2006

Back to the Future Dream and Mr.Stuntman

One of my favorite movies of all time has got to be "Back to the Future". Last night I had a dream that Iwas about to time travel back to 1945. I thought I would choose that because I could run into the 50's and if I lived a long life I could get back to 2005. I assumed that I couldn't travel back into the future like in the movie. I could have gone into the future however that involved being frozen and that sounded like a little too much of a risk. So to travel back in time, you apparently need to get on an amusement park ride like that looks a little like this. So I got in the time travel "ride". Everyone else on the ride started disappearing except me. Sure enough, I wake up before I get to 1945. Why does it seem like that you always wake up right before a good part of your dreams? Today I was acting in a training video call, "Slips. Trips, and Falls", for a local company. I operated a forklift today during the shoot. I was demonstrating how not to use a forklift by not wearing my safety harness. I actually did a lot of dangerous stuff in a factory today.


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