Wednesday, January 18, 2006

In Chicago at Seminary

I am currently in Chicago for 10 days to study the "The History and Theology of the Evangelical Covenant Church." Today was our first day of class. I feel a bit ou of place because it seems like a lot of the people all ready have M Divs and whatnot. We got in yesterday to the airport at 6:00pm and thought we would save some money by taking public transportation from the Airport to our hotel. It ended of being a 2 hour commute on the "EL" or elevated train. It was quite a traveling adventure. We actually took "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" in that order! Only the good thing was that my travel partner was not Del Griffith. The picture to the left is the actual building I had class in today. After class we went grocery shopping to fill our pantry at the Extended stay. The highlight of my shopping included buying some Easy Cheese. Man I love that stuff. Ok, time to make some dinner and read a few pages of the 2000 in need to read in the next 10 days. ugh.


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greate thing you are sharing with as as Extended Stay


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